Our planet faces unprecedented challenges in terms of environment and climate, which overall threaten our prosperity. However, there is still room to reverse many of the negative trends, make adjustments to minimize damage and restore and protect critical ecosystems.

The Disaster Resilience Innovation Cluster – Defkalion (DRIC Defkalion) is the first coordinated, interdisciplinary and innovative collaborative action in Greece in the critical field of protection against environmental risks. DRIC Defkalion aims to bring together under the same umbrella businesses, research organisations and technology companies active in the field of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development to market innovative products and services, as well as research results with the ultimate goal to effectively manage and deal with natural disasters, environmental crises and civil protection emergencies for a healthy and safe environment and to achieve long-term sustainability.

DRIC Defkalion focuses its interests on the following Areas of Activity:

  • Atmospheric Modelling, Meteorological and Ocean Forecasts and Climate Change Scenarios

  • Earth Observation, GIS Applications, and Spatial Analysis

  • Disasters’ impact assessment and development of mitigation solutions

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • Systems and Procedures for enhancing Operational Preparedness, Efficiency and Security

  • Risk, hazard and vulnerability assessment

  • Decision support and feasibility assessment

  • Training and Consultation

  • Interoperability Issues

During the 1st current period of our work (09 / 21-02 / 22) the members of DRIC Defkalion will focus their attention on the recording and evaluation of main parameters, such as:

  • Issues/challenges of each sector in relation to the management and response to natural disasters and environmental crises in Greece and Europe.

  • Applications of existing tools/solutions to address sector issues related to the environmental/climate risks and crisis management.

More specifically, DRIC Defkalion seeks to highlight and market a number of natural disaster management practices / systems, such as:

  • Early warning and damage control systems and solutions,

  • Natural phenomenon modeling and simulation applications

  • Decision support systems

  • Applications which support systems’ interoperability

  • Situational awareness systems and solutions

  • Integrated crisis management systems

  • Emergency Telecommunication Systems

  • Response design systems

  • Training systems

  • Networks, products and environmental monitoring systems

  • Situation representation and mapping solutions

  • Damage recording and assessment solutions

  • Citizen communication and information applications

  • Social networking applications

  • Unmanned vehicle products and systems

  • Medium-term and long-term weather forecasts

  • Environmental protection sensors and recording systems

The products and services that will be developed in the framework of the DRIC Defkalion will have a particularly wide scope of application both at national and European level.