Why become a member of DRIC Defkalion?

DRIC Defkalion is a structure that consists of 37 members, businesses, scientific research organisations and technology companies to address climate change through adaptation measures to mitigate its inevitable effects. DRIC Defkalion is intended to be a modern hub for the production of innovative knowledge and know-how, strengthening research in the critical field of environmental risks and their effects and the development of new innovative and competitive solutions in the market. At the same time, it aims to be a reliable partner for the companies, research centers and institutions, offering both technical training and education as well as the possibility of commercial development, networking and synergies between its members. The goals of DRIC Defkalion also include bridging the gap between the academic and business community and strengthening research.

More specifically, the main axes of support that DRIC Defkalion provides to its members are:

  • Research and Networking

  • DRIC Defkalion Expansion

  • Education and training

  • Commercial Development and Cooperation

  • Innovation and Technology

How to become a member

DRIC Defkalion aims to expand the innovation ecosystem by strengthening the competitiveness of its members and developing new partnerships to provide solutions that will facilitate and strengthen the critical area of managing and responding to disasters, environmental crises and emergencies. In this context, it invites you to join its core and become a member by filling out the form below.

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